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The Interdepartmental Center for Environmental Research - C.I.R.AM. - is an organization which is part of the University of Naples Federico II, established under Rectoral Decree No. 9633 of 31/08/1992 and endowed with its own operational regulations (approved under Rectoral Decree No. 500 of 25/02/2015), headquartered with its offices and equipment at Via Mezzocannone 16 in Naples. In implementation of the new Naples University Statute, C.I.R.AM is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of university professors from the following departments currently stakeholders of the Center: Agricultural Sciences; Architecture; Biology; Chemical, Materials and Production Engineering; Civil and Environmental Engineering; Industrial Engineering; Chemistry; Earth Sciences; Political Sciences; Structures for Engineering and Architecture.

 The Center's Director is Professor Nunzio Romano, appointed under Rectoral Decree No. 793 of 17/03/2014.

Within a multidisciplinary approach to various environmental issues, we consider here the particular physical environment, including climate, morphology, soils, vegetation and hydraulic/hydrological/geohydrological properties to the extent in which the latter affect its potential for optimal use. In this context, C.I.R.AM. promotes and coordinates scientific activities and dissemination which concern the various components of the environment, in its broadest possible sense. That is, not only matters of a technological and applicational nature, but also social and economic considerations. The Center's special focus is the set-up and provision of analytical tools to intervene in urban and rural environments so as to promote their development, mitigating risk and degradation.

The aims of the Center are essentially as follows:

  • favor the aggregation of different cultural ambits, aimed at developing and promoting research and innovation in the sector of conservation, environmental protection and regeneration;
  • promote multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research (for example, on such issues as safety and prediction/prevention of environmental catastrophes, protection of ecosystems, integrated and sustainable management of water resources, conservation of architectural and natural resources, development of policies to optimize the location of industry and services), which allows the Center to continue to be a point of reference at various levels and a valued resource for the region and its institutions;
  • favor cooperation and cultural exchange with national and international institutions, whether public or private;
  • design, organize and run training courses, sessions for professional updating and qualifications, also necessarily interdisciplinary;
  • develop activities to support the various Parties involved in land use, providing techno-scientific assistance to public authorities, companies and consortia; scientific support for institutions from developing countries.
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Centro Interdipartimentale di Ricerca "Ambiente"
Università degli studi di Napoli Federico II
Via Mezzocannone, 16 - 80134 Napoli

tel:  (+39)081.2534646